All our private events are based on your preference and budget. We offer events that include delightful classic five course meals, three course meals or a simple entree meal​.

​​​Happy Birthday

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Merry Christemas

 G L  Vineyard  &  Winery

      We have a special for our customers who own a RV/ Mobile Home. We can offer a complementary overnight stay at our Vineyard, where we will provide electricity and water. A 24hr notice in advance would be preferable, last minute reservations may be turned away.

Case Club Dinner

       In this region, our fine wines are a phenomenal experience. Golden Leaves Winery is an enjoyable place to immerse with friends and family. Perfect for private events, such as corporate meetings, birthday parties, baby showers. A great get away from the noisy city life to the peaceful wine country.  ​​

Call for detail and reservation:   

      530.409.7053.       or        530.620.1888.

 Private Events